> House Filing


Though the night had been long, filled with more horrid nightmares, her quill was steady as she made the entries of the day.


House Name: Eventide

House Members: Elenaris D’lanah Eventide – Matriarch, Lord Damon Emberfury - Lord Protector, Covaya Sun’rael - Head Councilor.

House Sigil:


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Dear Journal,

I’m losing myself.. Losing to myself… Losing him… Losing it… Losing everything. What do I do? The voices are back. The memories wont fade. I can’t tell him. I can’t bother him. I can’t force my insanity on another… But, I wish him to know. I wish him to understand. I wish him to not hate me. If this keeps on.. He will hate me. If I don’t tell him.. he will think I don’t want him. It will seem I am pushing him away. But, I don’t want to. But how do I tell him? How do I make this work? Why do the screams keep me up at night? How does he sleep through them? I don’t understand.

The journal writing continued on in a series of scribbles. The legibility completely compromised by a series of blood splatters.

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> (( ooc: From the Wolf's Mouth ))


Just now headed to bed, guys. I have a LOT to catch up on with my friends here and in game, but my eyes aren’t cooperating. Since I can’t pluck them and replace with brand new ones, I’m gonna go rest em a bit. Before I go, I just want to say thank you to everyone who follows me. I may seem distant…

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So folks, in light of major things happening I’ll be changing (or attempting to) my tumblr layout again very soon. Forgive me!

Also, due to no other fact than simple lack of material and captures, I may be changing my FC. It’s heartbreaking really, but.. maybe I can find a good match that fits…

You asked for opinions and honesty… honestly, I don’t like this idea.  I understand and empathize with the struggle to get good FC shots, especially in different clothes, but I agree with what some others have said in questioning how important a large portfolio of FC shots really is.  I really liked Rook’s look before.  He was really cool and unique.  This seems like more than just picking a new FC, it seems like a complete appearance overhaul. It would also change him to someone who is very up and coming in pop culture and instantly recognizable as someone from a very popular fictional universe.  Which brings me to my second point…

It would be incredibly visually distracting to me. It would never look like Rook, it would always look like you were posting photos of Bucky in journals about someone else.

Haha, thank you for all the positive feedback so far all .. and THIS has been positive too! Thank you for this,Nikk! Believe me, I don’t put TONS of stake in a FC. And yet on some level, how can I not? Even if most of Rook’s portraiture is from drawings? It’s the reason why I went with the original FC of Rain, and its always been my own little niche knowing it. So.. yes, I have been worried I would lose that “That’s totally him” feeling. I promise it’s one of the only times I’ll think about it this hard. Maybe for someone else then? Thank you everyone so far!

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So folks, in light of major things happening I’ll be changing (or attempting to) my tumblr layout again very soon. Forgive me!

Also, due to no other fact than simple lack of material and captures, I may be changing my FC. It’s heartbreaking really, but.. maybe I can find a good match that fits the broody-but-warm persona I see for Rook. Maybe it’s my chance to align a bit better too. I see him in trying more than just leather combat suits, you know? After all, even against his wishes "Lord Rook" seems to be catching on.

Out of utter convenience then, I present the first possible. And yes, him running around with a mask in a certain movie did peak my interest LOL. So, not a final decisionbut more the first candidate. Possible FC, Sebastian Stan. thoughts anyone? You can be honest. But ‘not pretty enough’ doesn’t actually count! This isn’t final. :D


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Inside The Actor’s Studio Edition: Rook Tangram

Artwork by rurukatt.tumblr.com

10 Questions:

1. What is your favorite word?:


2. What is your least favorite word?: 


3. What turns you on?:  

”..hmm. A touch to my face. Odd, since I love masks.”

4. What turns you off?: 

"I’d have to say.. being treated as if I’m not good enough?"

5. What sound do you love?: 

"The sound of wind through trees, and of leaves falling gently."

6. What sound do you hate?: 

" ..the sound of rattling bones.."

7. What is your favorite curse word?:


8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?:

"I’ve recently taken to archeology! But something I’ve yet to dabble in? Alchemy. Its potential is unbelieavable."

9. What profession would you not like to do?: 

"Engineering. The sight of soul-less machines and contraptions.. they just unnerve me.."

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?: 

"You’re home."

Bonus Questions:

1. Something most people don’t know about you?: 

"One of my few, raw fears is that of drowning."

2. If you were one of the seven sins which would you be?: 

"In truth..? Envy, I think."

3. What are some notable merits and flaws?: 

"My desperation to believe in the good of others blinds me, usually at my own expense. I also tend to leap before I look; I’ve been told I don’t value my own life enough. My strongest emotions, the ones so many want to see, make me such a handful I can’t even describe."

4. Sexual Preference?: 

"There are few creatures quite like a woman."

5. What position do they sleep in?: 

"Usually on my back."

6. Favorite sexual position?:

"Ahem.Not just one."

7. If they could change one thing about their lives, what would it be?

"I wish I’d never taken with Elara when I was younger.. maybe then I’d understand how to just.. open up again."

8. Do they see themselves as good, or evil?

"I’m neither and both. This I know."

9. Is there anyone, or anything they would die for?

"I’d die for my family. I’d die for my friends. And I’d die for their children, if it meant they could keep what was taken from me and so many others."

10. Do they find themselves attractive or not?

"I’ve been told I am, and I’d suppose its so, but what mirror doesn’t have its dark reflection? I’m no exception."

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The Strangest Dream..

In my waking dream the air was still.. except for the sound of running water and my own slow, labored breathing. I could feel clean and crisp air on my skin even as my blood burned just beneath. Hair damp with my own sweat tickled my eyes and the bridge of my nose. The slightest movement made the leathers I wore noise in protest. But none of these things jarred my senses more than the smell around me. Sickly sweet, along with a tang in the air that made me cluck my tongue out of instinct. Coppery and strange - but intimately familiar. Someone’s lifeblood..?

Gone were the accents of teal, now wholly grey except for where a ruddy crimson had soaked into the armor. I held not axes, nor stood bare handed. Instead two familiar weapons were in my hands - one dagger and one shortsword - clutched without so much as a flinch of my equally blood stained fingers. And I recognized this place of butchering, for at one time it held a special place in my heart. Back when it was blackened that is; when death held a more special meaning to me.

This was Tangram’s place. Mine. ..at least it used to be.

And yet if that was the past.. how could it be the present? The last thing I remembered besides standing here was wishing Bels good bye. The walls of the Registry. Ana’s lessons.

….perhaps a scream in my ear, from somewhere far away.

A terrible nightmare. But if that was true, how did this seem so real?

This was a dream, wasn’t it..?

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> Nightmares and Reality



“NoooOoo!” The girl with the raven hair woke with a start, her squeaky voice echoing around the somewhat unfamiliar room. It took Cricket a few moments to understand where she was and as the sleep haze slowly faded from her mind, reality hit her once again. She was now single. This time…

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Anonymous -> *hug*


*hugs* You’re wonderful, Anon.

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World of Warcraft Giveaway! (Wyrmrest Accord)


Hi. There’s some crap on my account that I want to give away, as otherwise it would stagnate forever. Some of which include probably popular names and pets.


  • The names Snow, Malicious, Evil on Wyrmrest Accord
  • The following pets: Enchanted Lantern, Fossilized Hatchling, Level 25 Gilnean Raven, Pandaren Earth Spirit, Snowy Panda, Sunfur Panda, Nether Ray Fry
  • Ethereal Soul Trader!


1.) One like! One Reblog! (You can reblog as many times as you want, it’ll still only count as one entry per). No giveaway blogs! I will be checking.

2.) Must be following me! I will be checking because I figure the poor saps who actually like seeing my reblog stuff deserve it more than the folks who don’t.

Winners will be chosen in random, each receiving a certain gift in the two categories: Pets and Names. (One for Each! That is, if you win a name, you can either pick a name or pass on it. But you will NOT be getting anything from the pets. If a name is already taken by someone else, you will be able to choose from one of the other names or simply pass on it. Take it or leave it, in other words.) The Ethereal Soul Trader is its own prize, and will not be able to be picked if you win in the pet category!

There will be 7 Pet Winners, 3 Name Winners, and ONE Ethereal Soul Trader winner!

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON SEPTEMBER 30th, 2014! Result will be posted at 12 AM PST.

(Just an FYI, I also cleared out the names Morrows, Xiaoshi, and Gesaang if you want any of those)

Good luck everyone!



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