> At Sea: Ashendawn


He woke, his gaze immediately focusing on the bunk directly above him. He wondered if the death knight was there, and felt the scar which marred the left side of his face tighten as he pressed his lips into a flat line. What a bit of bad luck that was, to share a bunk with something just as dead…

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In A Sacred Oak


The leaves had not yet withered enough to loose from their life tethering and fall. The steps she took were sure, no crackle of crushed leaf or snap of twig gave alert of her presence. The mossy floor of the forest gave subtle cover to her steps as she made her way through the tall oaks. Small creatures skittered along beside her, the ebony, sleek cat and companion unseen trailed behind, watchful. Long dormant, prowling in the plane of it’s home, the cat was simply an onyx statue carried in the hidden folds of her velvet cloak. Now, called from the ‘other’ world, Gwen’ahvar prowled aside his mistress, wary and protective.


Circling over head, the raven’s caw gave indication none followed and One’s hand pressed against the rugged bark of the massive oak as she came to stand still before it. It’s branches reached outward as if creating a canopy of safe haven beneath them. The oak towered above the rest, the girth of it’s base alone astonishing and would have brought question from mortal eyes that might have strayed to it in a lucky glance as the veil parted for comings and goings.

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A Short Note To Belyndrae


I know it’s short notice, but I don’t want you to worry. I took a day or two out to see to some family business that’s been long overdue. I know enough tricks from my shadowy days to stay undetected where I’m going. I’ll be back before you know if. Keep a subtle eye on the Registry while I’m gone, and I’ll fill you in afterwards.

- Rook

PS. Stop worrying. The makeup looks quite nice.

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> Reckoning


Tousled curls splayed across the couch cushion. One tiny fist curled beneath a flushed cheek. A doll peeked out from the crook of the girl’s arm. The pink mageweave blanket spread across her shoulders rose and fell in a gentle cadence.

The redhead leaned forward, knees digging into the rug. Her…

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… In the end I realized I couldn’t exclude these moments too. So! Apologies.. but more love for the Row. 

No matter what, I will always love my fellow Row roleplayers.

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> http://theelvenhuntress.tumblr.com/post/100238990611/the-rain-from-the-night-before-left-the-sky-a


The rain from the night before left the sky a beautiful blue color with rays of sunshine coming down in bright, warm shafts. The ground was soft, which meant a perfect time for working on some of the plants around the little cottage.

After getting on some clean pants and a clean shirt - not…

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> Journal


Today the Sungazer goes for it’s maiden voyage, but I am not upon it. It feels sort of odd that I am not, but I sent my prayers up to the heavens today for all of them to return safe. I woke up early and prayed, staying on my knees until the candles flickered out.

A simple prayer, for…

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OOC Apologies..

So yeah, I don’t often do this put I just wanted to put it out there.. I’m sorry if I’ve been WAY off lately. There has been plenty of personal stuff going on for myself and SO many of my friends. But the truth is,the biggest thing, my campus (I work at the University’s Library) has been under a threat for like.. a month now, that specifically cited ‘The Ides of October’. It threatened a shooting, actually. Nothing came of it in the end and everyone’s safe, but as it got closer and closer to the date panic set in here on campus. We had state patrols, sherrifs, plainclothes officers.. obviously lots was going on. But for security reasons we couldn’t actually be TOLD what was going on. The emotions, state of mind and concerns for my own safety and that of my fourteen students I oversee has been at the forefront these last weeks, and it goes without saying my wife was beside herself with worry. I have barely rested in three days and last night was the first night that not only could I sleep soundly, but most of this wonderful campus I’ve come to call home.

So between LONG patch day, not much going on since I transferred temporarily, and being completely drained, I’m sorry. I haven’t spoken much and I haven’t done much.. it’s terrible when things aren’t really clicking. Despite wanting to do SO much roleplay this week I have been utter disconnected. I’ve been so excited for patch, but hasn’t been able to mentally act on it for all these reasons. So no reason to worry persay.. but be patient with me. I will get back in the groove within a few days I think! Thank you all, and take care..

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> Apply for a Silvermoon Library Card today!





Applications are available for those who are interested in the Library’s services!  Please visit the link in order to obtain one today!

-Orkus nodded, looking right at the camera, wide eyes and no emotions, his speech was loud and dull also nervous.- “Just say what we went over Orkus it’ll be okay. Ready…? Go!” Orkus would form a creepy awkward smile. “HI ME ORKUS. ME LOVE READ. CANT WAIT TO DIVE INTO GOOD BOOK, JOIN ORKUS TODAY ON CHAPTER 5, WE WILL ADVENTURE AND STUFF BUT ME MAKE SURE HAVE LIBRARY CARD, ME NOTHING WITH OUT IT. HEH—HEH-HH” ORKUS could never read. He hated books. “ME BURN THIS PLACE! ORKUS OUT!”


words cannot express

Sweet jeezus.

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New Arms Warrior 6.0.2

I just thought you should all have this easy-to-follow guide on the new rotation for 6.0 Arms Warriors!

There you go. I might have missed ONE BUTTON, but I don’t think so. Oh well, guess it’ll be fury for awhile!

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