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An IC Tumblr for the character Rook Tangram, on WrA. All posts are IC unless noted otherwise and images are copyright their sources and creators. Rook's FC (Face-Claim) is the Korean actor and song artist, Rain..

People, People, People (The Journal of Tarcanus Frostbourne)


Hidden Thoughts, Private Memories, and a Few Laughs

Tarcanus wrinkled his nose, placing the tip of the quill to parchment again as he continued to write in the worn journal. Although the hour grew late, it had been quite some time since he had been able to freely write his thoughts about the…

September 17

Honor is not a stubborn oath, but the integrity to uphold what is RIGHT, even when it is not easy


Zackary Leingod stood brazenly before his adversary, torpid arm draped at his side, lifeless and broken, however, his right arm proved to be able and effective, yet the weight of his immense Zweihander caused the limb to tremble as it fought to hold his sword properly. Leingod retained his…

September 16

Snippet: The Past Moves Forward


(Triggers: Some Gore. Peek at up coming story thread.)

Riesse stood starring out the window though in truth, her minds eye held an altogether different sight than the street beyond the pane of glass. She was worried, beyond worried and in this moment she fretted. The ‘not knowing’, the waiting,…

September 12

[Letter] To Lady Starsinger


Greetings my lady,

Thankyou for allowing me to attend last night’s meeting about the Legists. I will help you as much as I am able. Rest assured that all files will be kept secure, I should show you sometime my new arcane-lock filing system. It’s still in prototype, but so far it…

Interview with Lusk Shadowstorm


Lusk approaches quietly, a rather chubby orange cat in his arms. “Magister.”

Raivenn sits on the bench, reading quietly. A letter is tucked between pages, serving as a bookmark of sorts. He glances up at the voice. “Good evening,” he says softly, with a smile. The mage seems well rested and at…



Diva turned in her bed for what felt like the millionth time tonight. Looking at her ceiling, she pushed the covers down below her chest. Her head was swimming with questions, fears, and doubts.

The Registry had been hiring security, for what reason do they need this? What twisted mind would…

Journal Entry


September 12th, 633

Lord Runewrath’s rage was palpable; barely contained as he stood rigid at my side. While the others may not have noticed the thickness in his voice, I felt each rumbled undertone as his words brushed my ears. His body rippled with arcane power, wearing it as armor and when…